Webserver note
  • To start with Web Server feature, there are few things you should get notice in advance.
  • Firstly, please be sure the firmware version is 2.00.8 or above.
  • Then you could upload the web server feature through module interface. After the module has been loaded, web server feature will have default user "nobody" and group "smbusers".
  • There is also system folder "naswebsite" is created automatically with privilege public initially as well as sub folder "conf", "www","logs" and "readme" you could found.
  • For security reason that you need to change the privilege from default public to ACL of folder "naswebsite" (we have recommend to do this) please do make at least one user in "Writable" or "Read Only" for this folder for example user "webadmin". Then there is configuration file "httpd.conf" you could find in the folder "naswebsite\conf\", you have edit the web server user from "nobody" to "webadmin".
  • Please always stop the web server service while there is any modification will be made in "httpd.conf". After the modification has been done, restart the web server to activate service. Do not make any change of configuration file "httpd.conf" during web server is running or it could cause unexpected error happen.
  • There is case if the folder "naswebsite" is existed when web server module uploaded,the only 4 sub folders will be created for web server feature usage. Please do not remove any of those 4 folders or it will cause web server function won't work.
  • As mentioned earlier that configuration file "httpd.conf" is changeable by user itself. Here is remind that always restart the web server service with any change has made.
  • For the network port usage in web server feature, please make sure it is differ with other system services such as port 21 for FTP or port 548 for AFP etc..